What I plan to accomplish!

  • Summer Internship: Now that I have had my first summer internship, I am looking to expand my knowledge and reach to other companies, and witness how different companies operate. Whether it be a startup, mid-size, or large company, I look forward to the breadth of learning that will come with a new company!

  • Expand my professional reach: My goal is to meet others in the software engineering feel and gain a better grasp for what life after college might be like. I also aim learn how to cold message and contact recruiters to showcase my abilities to other companies.

  • Hack for Change: One of my long-term goals has been to develop something that benefits others in a positive or meaningful way. Whether that is allowing users to receive uncensored news or giving accurate COVID-19 data, I aspire to develop something that brings around meaningful change. I also aspire to build a simple project that is frequently used by many. Examples include rogershub.com, ncov19.live, or Spotify Wrapped.

  • Build my own product: Given that I now have some experience of my belt, I want to build my own product in a meaninful and effective way. This would not only put me out of my comfort zone, but introduce me into many new technologies that can be used for future jobs and/or positions!




1 Grand Ave
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405